Summer with my Grandson

My grandson and I have been spending time at the Rock Run Greenway in Joliet this summer.  Weston loves nature walks, and is very observant when we are there; he points out the sights to me.  Yesterday we saw an otter swimming, two turtles sunning on a rock, a woodpecker drumming for grubs on a dead tree trunk, numerous schools of tiny bluegill, two large wolf spiders, two great blue herons, and an egret.  It was a wonderful day!

The pictures are of the wildflowers growing there; they are so beautiful in midsummer.

Rock Run July 2012 017
Rock Run July 2012 021 - Copy
Rock Run July 2012 022
Rock Run July 2012 024

New Kindle!

Yaaayyy!  I got a Kindle! 

The first books to be downloaded tonight will be Darwin's "Origin of Species" and a book called "Killer Germs".  After I get my discussion board posted, tonight will be a good night.


Grrrrr . . .

This morning I went out to get into my car and discovered that someone had lobbed a concrete block through my rear window.  The concrete was sitting under the steering wheel.  There was damage to the car door, interior, and rear bumper.

I have never been so furious in my entire life.  I am moving out of this neighborhood as soon as I can find a new place, and good riddance to it. 

The police gave me the helpful suggestion that the perpetrator was probably somebody with a grievance against the management of the community (I live on-site and I work for the management office).  If that isn't enough to permanently turn somebody off to a career in property management, I don't know what is.  I am also actively beginning a job search.

Cocoa is Improving!!!!

I think she has begun to improve!  I did some research and discovered that a cat, if it stops eating, will lose interest in food altogether.  Cocoa's problem seems to be, not that her uveitis or the herpes killed her appetite, but that once her appetite went away, she lost interest in eating.  I took her to the vet twice for fluids, and I have begun to feed her by syringe.  At first, she didn't like it.  This morning, she was licking at the syringe as I squeezed food into her mouth!  She WANTED it!  And this evening, she ate out of three bowls, of her own free will!  She is getting her appetite back!

I am hopeful.  I know that I will continue to feed her for a good while, until I am sure that she is eating enough on her own.  But for a while there, she wasn't interested in food at all.  I'm so happy with her progress!

We go to the ophthalmologist tomorrow.  It would be great if she had improved to the point that we could reduce her eyedrops, too.  Please, kitties, send kitty hugs for Cocoa?

Hugs to you, too, from Cocoa, Milon, Birch, and Nightshade.

Good Thoughts for Cocoa

Poor little Cookie had to go to the vet AGAIN today.  She's had so many problems since she was diagnosed with uveitis, almost two months ago now.  The vet thinks that all the eyedrops she's getting have irritated her throat and stomach, because she's been eating very little, vomiting a bit,  and was even a little dehydrated.  He did blood tests (fine), gave her sub-q fluids, an anti-emetic, and a short-acting steroid for inflammation.  She has been a bit perkier this afternoon, but at the same time the anti-emetic made her a little sleepy.

Please think good thoughts for her!  Poor thing; I know her vision is bad, and her sense of smell is shot.  I just wish she'd feel better!

Could anybody please send a few kitty hugs?

Random Musings . . .

Anyone who reads this, hello!  I've been on LiveJournal for a few years now, and have never done much with this journal, so perhaps now is the time to start.  I've been a bit lonely.

My husband died four years ago, after a long struggle with alcoholism that led to our divorce.  Ever-deteriorating finances have moved me down to a very small town, where I've been feeling sorry for my friendless state but unwilling to do much about it.  I think I've forgotten how.

It's been the cats that have kept me going.  I have four.  One of them, Milon, is sixteen and hopefully doing well after a long bout with inflammatory bowel disease (for a time we thought it was cancer).  My calico, Cocoa, is trying to recover from a bout of uveitis which could have left her blind.  So far she is doing okay.  My Nightshade has skin allergies which require frequent medications.

All in all, I've gotten into a bit of debt.  My family says that if I'd only get rid of the cats, I'd be able to afford to move into a more expensive city closer to them.  I can't seem to make them understand that the only thing worth going into debt over is my education and the cats; I'd go into debt for the cats if it meant living in a box under Wacker Drive.  Expensive apartment or no.

I hope, maybe, there will be some friends here to respond and understand.

Goodbye, my friend . . .

I work for a property management office.  One of the elderly residents had become my friend, and would stop by and chat when she'd drop off her rent check.  I even had dinner at her home one evening.  She lived alone, as do I, and we enjoyed each other's company.

She had a chronic medical condition and required frequent visits to the hospital for treatments.  On January 3, 2010, she left the hospital and got into her car to drive home.  Apparently she was confused after her treatment, because she turned her car onto a railroad track and drove the track until the car, somehow, caught fire.  She managed to get out of the car, but in the 5 degree temperatures we had that day, she didn't manage to walk far.  Her body was found the next day.

I still can't get my mind around it.  I wonder what she thought and how she felt.  I wonder if she was frightened, and in pain.  How terrible to die alone, lost, cold, disoriented, and far from any assistance.  How terrible.

I wish there was something I could have done.  If I had only known . . .

Goodbye, my friend.  I hope you are warm, and peaceful.  I will never forget you.


Sleepy Caturday photographs . . .

. . .  because I finally overcame my laziness and downloaded my pictures from my camera into my new computer.  Here are my furry children.

Cocoa                                                                                                         Chess
St. Just                                                                                                        Nightshade and Milon


Apology . . .

I take back every disparaging remark I made about MediaCom.

I spent an entire day without Internet service.  After two attempts to reset my modem/router, I called tech support and got an animated system that tried to instruct me on how to reset my modem/router.  I hung up on it.  On my second phone call, I got an actual person, and I could explain to him that I had already attempted to reset my modem/router and would not attempt it again.  He told me that my modem was online and that we could probably solve the problem over the phone.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for work, and I told him that I would call again that evening.

Flash forward to 7 PM.  I had been meaning to rearrange the media system, so I decided to make one last attempt to restart the modem/router.  Unsuccessfully.  Frustrated, I picked up the modem, debating whether or not to throw it against the wall, when I noticed . . .

. . . that the Internet Connect button was off.

** blushes **

My calico cat, Cocoa, had knocked the modem over two evenings before, just before I lost service.  Apparently her paw, or something, had turned the button off.

Note to self:  Check ALL of the obvious things first.

And thank you, MediaCom, for your patience.